How do I accept online payments?

You'll simply need a Stripe account. It’s free to set up, and we will happily walk you through the process if you need help.


What percentage does Stripe charge for payment processing?



Can I use Odysys for my website, but a different system for my booking engine?

Yes. Odysys integrates with third-party booking engines. 


Can I create packages or special offers?



Can I sell add-ons, like a bottle of champagne?

Yes. You can also set sales tax for these items, if needed. 


Can the booking engine accommodate for taxes and fees?

Yes. You can add taxes and fees by percentage or as a flat amount. You can also combine factors, for instance, you can charge a fee per guest, per night.


If I take a reservation over the phone, can I add it to Odysys?

Yes. You can add reservations to Odysys through the Front Desk feature. 


Can I modify or cancel an online reservation?



When someone makes a reservation online, do they receive an automatic confirmation email?

If you are using the Odysys booking engine, all online bookings get an automatic email notification. If you are using a third-party booking engine, it depends on the settings of that system.


Am I notified when someone makes a reservation online?

Yes. When an online reservation is made, the account owner gets an automatic email from Odysys with all of the reservation details.

Do you have a channel manager so the booking engine be synced with Expedia,,, AirBnB, Vrbo, etc? 


Can I set different pricing for high and low seasons?

Yes, as well as for weekdays and weekends. 

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