What to blog about?
I like this list: https://searchengineland.com/make-blog-local-destination-win-local-search-215354

We also have some great blogging resources:

  1. Select Blog from the Marketing icon in the top right navigation bar. 

2. You will be brought to the Create Blog Post page. 

3. Begin by entering a Title.

4. Select the Author from the drop-down menu. The author can be any of the users you've added to the site.

5. Select Upload Hero Image.

Note: It important to select the highest quality photos you have that are no larger than 3 MB. Selecting lower quality or small images will result in grainy or blurry images, particularly when they are viewed on a large screen.

The ideal image is at least 800px wide in landscape orientation (ie - the photo is wider than it is tall). 800x450 tends to work best.

6. Write and format your post using the text editor

7. Select a Category for the blog post from the drop-down menu.
To create a new Category, select Create New and type the new category name. 

8. From the calendar, select the time and date when you want the blog post to publish. 

  • If you schedule the blog post at the current time or any time in the past, the blog post will publish immediately.
  • The date on the live post will display as the date you entered. 
  • If you schedule the time in the future, the blog post will publish at that time. 
  • You can edit or delete or change the date on any blog post at any time. Click on "published posts" and find a previously published post to edit the date/time.

9. Click Schedule Post.

  • Your post will be scheduled and appear in the "scheduled" tab
  • If you did not adjust the publish time and date, the post will publish about 5 minutes from the time you click "Schedule Post."

10. Select OK.   

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