To create an extra or add-on: 

  1. Open Reservations from Mission Control and select Extras from the drop-down menu.

2. Select +. 

3. Enter the detail for the extra. 

-Name: The name of the extra

-Price: The Price of the extra

-Sales Tax: If a sales tax applies, choose Applied from the drop-down menu, If there is not a sales tax, choose Exempt.

-Limit (1-99), Per, and Per:
This is how you define the limits on the number of extras that a guest can add to their reservations. For instance, if your extra is a local beer, you could set a limit of 1 per adult per night.

-Description: Add a description for your that will display in the booking engine.  

4. Select Upload Image to add a photo of the extra.

5. Drag and drop the image you want to use onto the upload screen
Select Select File and navigate to the image you want to use. 

6. Select Add. 

7. Select OK.

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