The "cancel" button is in the reservation details section. The "cancel" button will appear when the status of the reservation is "Confirmed" or "Requested"

The "cancel" button will NOT appear if the reservation status is "checked-in" or "checked-out" or if the reservation is from an OTA (, expedia, etc) and needs to be cancelled directly in the OTA channel.

To cancel an OTA reservation (, expedia, etc) - you will log directly into the OTA channel and cancel your booking there. (in other words - to cancel an expedia booking - login to Expedia and cancel it).

Here's a short overview video on how to change, edit, delete or cancel a guest's reservation.

Canceling a reservation - FAQ

What happens when I cancel a reservation?

  • IF there is an email already saved to the reservation, the guest will receive an email notifying them of the cancellation unless the reservation came from an OTA/MyAllocator or if the reservation was still "requested" but not confirmed. More information about cancellation emails here.
  • The innkeeper (you) will not receive a cancellation email from Odysys
  • Canceling a reservation does not delete it from the system
  • Canceling a reservation changes the status to "Canceled" in the front desk view
  • Canceling a reservation will free up the rooms in the reservation / returns the rooms to inventory
  • Cancelled reservations are still editable. The "Save" button is changed to "Re-Book Reservation" which, when clicked, returns the reservation to active status.
  • Using MyAllocator to sync OTA bookings? (expedia,, etc)
    - Odysys does NOT send confirmation or cancellation emails to OTA guests
    - Odysys DOES send pre-stay and post-stay emails to OTA guests until/unless the reservation is cancelled.
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