NOTE: Google Analytics is set up automatically when you connect Odysys to Google Analytics. You do not need to paste Google Analytics tracking code here. This area is for additional tracking codes.

The Tracking Codes settings allow you to add code snippets for web analytics into your bookings engine. 

The Paste Tracking Codes field is for tracking all activity on your booking engine. 

For more information, see Connect Google Analytics Tracking Code. 

To learn more about conversion tracking, see Google's article Understanding Conversion Tracking. 

To add tracking codes to your booking engine:

  1. Open Booking Engine from Mission Control and select Settings from the drop-down menu, 
  2. Select the Tracking Codes tab at the top. 

3. Paste your tracking code into the Paste Tracking Code field. Tracking codes are available from multiple analytics providers, including Google. 

4. Paste your conversion code into the Paste Conversion Code field. 

5. Select Save.

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