You can manage, edit, and preview the content of the reservation confirmation email that is automatically sent to your guests when they make a reservation.

After you access the "guest emails" settings, you'll see several tabs that you can use to edit the guest's confirmation email and pre-stay and post-stay emails as well.

  • Turn confirmation emails on or off by using the little toggle as indicated in the screen-shot below
  • See what the guest sees: Send yourself a test email so you can see what the guest sees after they make a booking online, go ahead & use the "send test email" button as shown below.

Hotel Policy Information is Always Included on Confirmation Emails
Note - we automatically include your "hotel policy" information to each confirmation email. To edit the policy information, click on the "reservation settings" link at the bottom of the page, OR you can go to "settings" in the site builder menu shown in the image below. More information about editing your booking engine hotel policies is available here.

You can see the status of a confirmation email to a guest in the reservation

Using MyAllocator to sync OTA bookings? (expedia,, etc)

  • Odysys does NOT send confirmation emails to these guests
  • Odysys does NOT send cancellation emails to these guests
  • Odysys DOES send pre-stay and post-stay emails to these guests
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