Use Overrides to change room rates or rules for a given date range. Overrides will supersede your base Seasonal pricing and any Specials you have configured. 

Promotions may be used on dates with Overrides. 

You can use Overrides to close or block out rooms for any given date by setting an Override of $0 for the room you wish to block out. You can also use Overrides to close your property for an entire season by setting an override for $0 for all your rooms. See How to Close for the Season. 

For an overview of how pricing works, see Overview of Seasonal Pricing, Specials, Overrides, and Promotions

To add a New One-Time Override. 

  1. Open Booking Engine from the Reservations menu item

    2. From the drop-down menu select Pricing

    3. Select the Overrides tab at the top. 

    4. Select the pink New One-Time Override button. 

    5. Set up the Override:

-Override Name: The name of the override as it will appear in the Booking Engine admin (not visible to guest).

-Start Date: The start date for the override (first date of stay, not booking.)

-End Date: The final date for the override (final date of stay, not booking.)

-Book by Date: The date by which a guest must book their visit in order to receive the override. After this date, the override will not appear to guests using the Booking Engine.

-Calendar Display: The name of the override. This will be visible to guests.

-Min. Nights: The minimum number of nights a guest must book to qualify for an override.

-# of Free Nights: The number of free nights a guest will receive as part of the override (may be left as zero.) 

-Override Rate: The override rate for each room during the special. You have three options for setting special rates:

1.) Special Room Rate: Set the nightly rate for your room(s). Leave a room's rate blank in order to use normal default pricing for that room. Setting a room's override rate to 0.00 will remove the room from inventory.

2.) Percentage Discount: Set the percent discount off of the room's nightly rate. Leave a room's percentage discount blank to use the normal default pricing for that room.

3.) Dollars of Discount: Set the dollars off of the room's nightly rate to apply during the override. Do not use a negative number. The amount you put in will be automatically deducted from the nightly rate. Leave a room's dollars off discount blank to use the normal default pricing for that room. 

-Days This Override is Valid: Choose the days which you would like your override to apply too. Weekdays, Weekends, or All days. Note: Weekdays and Weekends are defined/set in your Booking Engine Settings > Business Rules. 

6. Select Add. 

Adding a New Annual Override
This is identical to adding a New One-Time Override with the exception that it will automatically be offered EVERY YEAR on the same date(s).

Adding a New Last-Minute Override
This is a "rolling" override where the override automatically advances every day. Use the Last-Minute Override to create a discount to encourage last-minute bookings. 

Here's our tutorial video for creating last-minute overrides: 

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