The first time you use Site Builder, you will be prompted to select a template from Odysys' library (see Select a website template). You can also change to a new template later on. 

To explore and change templates:

  1. From the Site Builder drop-down menu, select Styles. 

2. From the Styles menu, select Change Template

3. Select a template to preview.

4. Click around the template to explore the look and feel of the different pages.Pay attention to the layout of the template as all the on-screen text, images, and colors are customizable.

5. Once you've finished exploring the desktop view of the template, select the mobile icon to see the mobile view.

6. Click the icon at the top-right of the mobile page to explore the navigation menu. 

7. If you like the template you're viewing, select Use This Template. To go back and explore a different template, select Back.  

IMPORTANT: If you are changing templates, you may have already entered content (text/photos/styles) into your existing template. When you select a new template, a prompt asks whether you want to import the content you've already entered or whether you want to erase all your work and start from scratch with the new template and default content.

8. To keep your existing work, select Import My Content. To erase the text/images/styles you've used in the existing template, and to use default content, select Use Default. Be very careful: This WILL REPLACE all of your current content with default content.  

8. Select OK.


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