Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It is the most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

If you don't already have a Google Analytics account:

  • Odysys will gladly create one for you and add you as a user
  • If we've already created a Google Analytics account for you - just chat with us or send an email to and ask us to add you as a user (please provide the email address for your Google account)
  • Once that is complete, then proceed as follows

If you already have a Google Analytics account:

To link your property's Google Analytics account to the Odysys system:

  1. When you login to Odysys, you MAY see a button to "Link Your Google Analytics Account", go ahead & click that. IF you do not see the button, click the grid icon in the upper right hand corner of Odysys and then select the "Analytics" section. Note: It may take a minute for the Analytics page to load,
  2. Click on the "Linked Account" tab on the analytics page.
  3. Click "Connect" (note - you may need to disconnect first in order to connect your account).
  4. Sign in to Google (if you are not already signed in) OR choose the correct Google account. Note: This step is critical - you must login with the same Google account in which you have Google Analytics access
  5. If prompted to allow Odysys offline access to Google Analytics, select "Accept".
  6. From the Google Analytics integration prompt, select "Accept".
  7. Select "OK".
  8. From the dropdown menu, select "Choose an account".
  9. Select the account you want to link to Odysys.
  10. Select the Analytics view that you want to link from the dropdown menu. The options listed include any views you and/or Odysys have created within Google Analytics for the selected account. Select the profile/view you've been using to monitor & manage your website.

    If we've worked on your account (see step 11 below) There is likely a view with the word "Odysys" or "default" or "marketing view" in it. If you are unsure about which profile to connect - just ask using the chat in Odysys. Even if you connect the wrong one, it is easy to update. As long as Odysys is connected to the right Google account the data will be flowing properly.
  11. If you would like help setting up your filters, updating your goals, adding ecommerce data etc, please add Odysys as a user. We will supply you with an email address to provide access to. Just ask your rep, login to Odysys & chat with us, or send an email to and tell us that you're setting up Google Analytics and want to know which email address to add.
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