You can download or export a list of your guest reservations.
This list / export also indicates which of your guests have elected to "opt in" to receive promotional emails or email newsletters from you during the online booking process. Look for a column "Promotion Opt-In" in the spreadsheet. For a list of subscribers who have filled out the form on your home page, click here.

  1. Navigate to Booking Engine/Reservations > Front Desk

2. Click the "Bookings" tab

3. Click the pink down-arrow on the reservations tab

4. Click "Download Reservations CSV"

5. Your file will be downloaded to your computer

The CSV file will contain all of your guest information. Once you've exported / downloaded the CSV, you can use a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Numbers or Google Spreadsheets to create a report. 

Opt Ins / Subscribers
If a guest has opted in to receive promotional emails / email newsletters from you during the checkout process, the "Promotion Opt-In" column in the spreadsheet will indicate "Yes".

To give your direct booking guests the option to opt-in to your emails, update your booking engine settings. Go to Odysys > Reservations > Settings > Booking Configuration (tab). Check the "Hotel Promotions" box.

Note: This list is separate from the list of email subscribers who subscribe to your emails when visiting your website. You can download that list here:

And of course - here's a handy video

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