To add a new user to your Odysys Prime account:

Sign in and select your Profile Image from the top right navigation and then select Users:

Select Add New User:

Enter the Name and Email Address of the user you want to add and click save:

For Site Builder 1.0 users please sign in and select your username from the top-right navigation.

From the dropdown menu, select Manage Users.

Enter the name of the user you want to add.

Enter their email address.

Select the + icon.

The new user will receive an invitation email from Until the user confirms their email address, they will appear under CURRENT USERS as Pending Verification.

 To complete the process of adding a new user, the new user must:

  1. Open the invitation email from
  2. Click the Confirm Email button.
    A browser window will open and direct the user to the Odysys website.
  3. Enter and confirm a password.
    Note: The password must be 5-20 characters in length.



If the new user does not receive their email invitation:

  1. Verify the email address you entered is correct.
  2. Ask the new user to check their SPAM folder.
  3. If the user still does not see the invitation email, select Resend Invite Email.
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