NOTE: You must be the primary account holder/administrator to add or remove users from the account.

To Add or Invite a New User to Your Odysys Account:

  1. Sign in and select Settings from the top right navigation and then select "Invite Users"
  2. Add your new user's name & email address, they will receive an email and be required to click a link to set up their account/password.

NOTE: THIS EMAIL/LINK IS TIME SENSITIVE. The new user will have 6 hours to click on the link to set up their account. If the link doesn't work, you'll need to delete them as a user and add them again.

To Delete or Remove a User From Your Odysys Account

  1. Sign in to Odysys and select Settings from the top right navigation
  2. Click the trash can icon next to the user name
  3. Click "Remove" in the "Remove User" dialogue window



Don't see the "Invite Users" option?

Only the primary account holder/administrator can add or remove users.

If the new user does not receive their email invitation:

  1. Verify the email address you entered is correct.
  2. Ask the new user to check their SPAM folder.
  3. If the user still does not see the invitation email, delete them and re-invite them.
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