Once you sign-up with the Odysys Website and Marketing Tools subscription you will be assigned your Customer Success Guide (CSG). Your CSG will oversee the Onboarding process to ensure that your stunning new website achieves your goals, and is launched in a timely manner.

As a rule of thumb, the process typically consists of the following seven phases:

Phase 1 - Kickoff

  • Introduction to Customer Success Guide
  • Review Onboarding Process
  • Review Timeline
  • Information Collection (Domain Registrar, Google Analytics, Google My Business, etc.)
  • Onboarding Questionnaire

Phase 2 - Website Design Selection

  • Introduction to Designer
  • Discuss Design Preferences
  • Layout Selection
  • Site Map
  • Digital Assets (Logo, Photos, Copy, etc.)

Phase 3 - Website Design & Development

  • Responsive Website Design
  • Typography
  • Digital Assets
  • Content Entry
  • Quality Assurance Testing

Phase 4 - Website Design Review

  • Review & Discuss Initial Website Design

Phase 5 - Website Revisions

  • Update Website Design Based on Design Review

Phase 6 - Search Engine Optimization & Analytics

  • Write Title Tags
  • Write Meta Descriptions
  • Internal Linking
  • Image Alt Text

Phase 10 - Website Launch

  • Final Quality Assurance Testing
  • Update DNS (A Record & WWW CNAME)
  • Final Performance Test
  • Transition back to CSG for Training and Post-Launch Customer Success Meeting

What happens once my new website is live?

Your Customer Success Guide is here to make sure you succeed! We will routinely check in with you, making sure you’re best utilizing our tools and providing advice to stay up to date online. We’re also your support for any questions you may have later on.

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