Once you sign up with the Odysys Property Management System and Booking Engine subscription you will be assigned to a Customer Onboarding Specialist (COS). Your COS is responsible for setting up your account, working with the Odysys design staff, and training you on the Odysys system. The typical onboarding period is between 14 and 21 days. Several factors can speed up or slow down the process, such as training, importing reservations, and getting current rates and availability. 

NOTE: There is a $249 fee for booking engine onboarding when reservation imports from other systems are involved and/or OTA integration and channel management is involved.

Phase 1 - Kickoff

  • Introduction to Onboarding Specialist
  • Review Onboarding Process
  • Review Timeline
  • 1 Day

Phase 2 - Information Collection

  • Seasonal Rates
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Overrides, Specials, and Promo Codes
  • Future Reservations
  • Google Analytics Access¬†
  • 2-4 Days

Phase 3 - Setup

  • Responsive Booking Engine Design
  • Typography
  • Digital Assets
  • Import Future Reservations
  • Setup of OTA Channel Manager (if needed)
  • Connect Odysys to Google Analytics
  • 7-10 Days

Phase 4 - Analytics

  • Finalize Google Analytics Setup
  • 1-2 Days

Phase 5 - Launch

  • Final Quality Assurance Testing
  • Final Performance Test
  • Transition to Customer Success Guide for Training
  • 1 Day
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