There are times when you may want to display a PDF on your site. For example, you may want to allow potential guests to take a look at a menu for your breakfast. Other times you may just want to provide a link to the PDF.

To get started, you'll need to host the PDF somewhere where you can link to it. We recommend using Google Drive or Dropbox. 

For Odysys Prime users (site builder 1.0 users scroll down further) you will need to add a link to your text on the site where you want the PDF link to reside. First, go to the text block where you want to add the link. Add some text (for the clickable title) and then highlight the text with your mouse. Then go up to the text tools above the text box and select the chain icon (once that opens make sure you select URL):

Now take the URL of your PDF that you have already loaded (Dropbox or Google Drive is recommended) and paste that in the Link to section. Make the link open in a new tab as well so your website stays open:

Don't forget to hit update when you are done:

Alternatively, if you want to embed the PDF directly on the page in Odysys Prime you will need to add an embed block (click the blue plus button at the top left of the page) and drag it onto the page where you want it to display:

Now, select the small embed icon in the text tools above the embed block (far left). Open that and paste in your embed code for your PDF (this will be an Iframe code):

Don't forget to select the update button when you are done to make the changes live:

*Some of the items in regards to finding your embed code for your PDF are still applicable for Odysys Prime users and can be found in the video tutorial below

Watch the video below for two easy methods for adding a PDF to your website with Site Builder 1.0
Part 1: How to link to a PDF that opens in a new window
Part 2 (fast forward to 1:40): How to embed a PDF into a page so that it is displayed on the page

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