The Reservations navigation drop-down menu links to all the booking engine settings.

Front Desk: From the Front Desk, you can:
-See a calendar showing the current occupancy for your property (sortable by room type)
-View reservations, with details
-Make new reservations
-Edit reservations
-Delete reservations

See Booking Engine-Front Desk. 

Rooms: Use the Rooms setting to create the room types and details that will display in the booking engine.

See Booking Engine-Rooms

Pricing: Use Pricing to create and edit:
-The names of seasons of your property (high season, low season, ski season, ect.)
-The date ranges for each season
-The room rates (by room type, during each season)
-The room rates for weekdays and weekends 

See Booking Engine-Pricing

Styles: Use Styles to customize the look and feel of your booking engine.

Confirmation Email: Use Confirmation Email to style and configure the email that guests receive when they book a stay at your property. 

Settings: Use Settings to customize your booking engine's Payment Gateway, Tracking Codes, Web Address, Hotel Policies, and Business Rules.

See: Booking Engine-Settings

Preview: Use Preview to see how the Booking Engine will appear to your guests when they are booking a room. 

See Booking Engine: Preview 

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