If you would like to have your guests state any special requests along with their reservation, we have a setting for that! 

There are three customizable fields available. You can ask whatever you want, but the three most common uses include:

-Generic Special Requests
-Dietary Restrictions
-Requesting information about children or pets 

Note: We offer a separate feature for requesting a guest's ETA. 

The guest's responses to special requests will be included on the confirmation emails, the reservation, and the guest statement. 

To use the special requests feature, navigate to Odysys > Reservations > Settings > Booking Configuration. 

Watch this quick video to learn how the Special Requests settings work:

Note: If you were using the Odysys Booking Engine prior to 12/28/16, a generic "Special Requests" field was always available on bookings. This field has been moved to the new "Special Requests" are and is optional for guests as it was before. You are free to rename it, make it required, ect. 

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