To improve the organization of your website's Accommodations section, the "Room Groups" option gives you the ability to group your accommodations in a way that makes sense for your property. For example, you may want to group your rooms by building, floor, or type. 

Here is a quick video tutorial: 

Pro Tips

-Deleting a room group will NOT delete the rooms in the group. You can delete the room group without dragging the rooms out of it first.

-When dragging your rooms into groups, wait a second for the number in the folder to update before dragging another room into the folder.

More About Room Groups

Room Groups give you an opportunity to group your accommodations into categories or types. For example, Javorinka has Chalets and Cabins. You can use "Room Groups" to organize these different types onto their own pages. 

The room groups feature is great for properties with a lot of accommodations or different types of rooms. Groups make it easier for a visitor to your site to find the right accommodations for them. 

Below is an example of an Accommodations Overview page utilizing Room Groups. Clicking on the group-Cabins or Chalets, for example0will display the individual accommodations without that group. 

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