You can add a custom favicon to your Odysys website.

Favicons are the small icons that appear in some web browsers on tabs, the address bar, the favorites bar, and/or the bookmarks bar. Favicons also appear on mobile browsers when a bookmark is created for a homepage. 

Below is The New York Times favicon as it appears onn the browser tab (top) and the New York Times and Facebook favicons as they appear in the favorites bar (under the address bar.) 

For example, when you save a bookmark of the New York Times website on the Apple iOS home screen, it looks like this: 

You can create your own customized favicon using your property's logo or name.

To add your favicon: 

  1. Create your own favicon image.

The favicon must be square (or it will appear distorted) and should ideally be a PNG file with dimensions of 152x152 pixels. If the image is larger, it will be resized upon download. 

2. From the top bar navigation, open the Site Builder drop-down menu and select Styles. 

3. Select Favicon.

4.Select Upload Favicon. 

5. Drag and drop the image you want to use onto the upload screen.
Click Select File and navigate to the image you want to use. 

6. Select Save. 

You will need to republish your website for the favicon to appear on your live site. 

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