Part I: Changing the color of your fonts in Site Builder is relatively simple if you understand how Odysys organizes different kinds of texts. 

The different text classifications are Headlines, Subheadings, Body Text, Links, Buttons. 

To change the color of one or all of your fonts:

  1. Select Styles from the Site Builder drop-down menu. 

2. From the Styles menu, expand the Main Content setting

3. Under Main Content, select Headlines, and use the Color Picker to easily change the Headline font color.  

Color Picker. See Using the Color Picker.

Note: There are a number of browser extensions or web tools available that can help identify the hex color code being used on existing websites.

4. Select the Weight from the drop-down menu. 

5. Select Save. 

Note the changes in color and weight from the 1st photo to the 2nd photo:


Part II

The Accent Color Block operates independently from the Main Content settings.

Some templates use an Accent Color Block to add additional color elements. 

For example, The Pines template uses an accent color block. Those colors appear in multiple places, including the Overview section on the home page and in the footer navigation on all pages. The Javorinka template uses an accent color block as well, which is only used in the Welcome section.

The options under the Accent Color Block are identical to those in the Main Content, with a couple of additions; you can also change the color of the background and body text.

  1. To access these changes, select Accent Color Block from the Styles menu.

2. Change the color of the background. I changed mine from white to black. 

The Accent Color Block in the Javorinka template without any edits.


The Accent Color Block with a black background.

3. Don't forget to save your changes and publish them to see it live on the web!

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