The Button Color setting controls the button color and the color of the font that appears in the button. 

Note: Buttons that appear over Hero images are not controlled by this setting. Generally buttons on Hero images are controlled within the Hero module on the page menu. 

Examine the two screenshots below to see how the the button color has changed from blue to burgundy and the text color has changed from white to yellow. 

To Set Up the Button Color: 

  1. From the site-builder drop-down menu, select Styles.

2. From the Styles menu, select Button Color.
The settings will display. 

3. Set the color. 

Use the hex color code text box. 


Use the Color Picker. See Using the Color Picker.

Note: There are a number of browser extensions or web tools available that can help identify the hex color code being used on existing websites. 

4. Follow the same process to set the Button Text Color.

5. Select Save. 

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