First - connect your Google Analytics account to Odysys: 

To get the best, cleanest data out of Google Analytics, it helps to create a few filters to keep your Google Analytics profile as free of "junk visits" as possible.

Junk Visits Include: 

  • Traffic to your website for the team at Odysys. This won't help you with understanding your site traffic and marketing performance.
  • Fake referral traffic to your website. Google Analytics has a big problem with people who have figured out how to add fake referrals to your reports. The goal of these spammers is to get you to look at your reports and think, "Wow-I got so much traffic from! I better go check them out." Then when you go to your website, you'll figure out pretty quickly its all junk AND they'll try to serve you ads or install malware. In addition, these fake referrals usually have 100% bounce rates and 0:00 time on site, which really messes with your data. 

Creating the Filters 

Here are two filters you should add to the Google Analytics profile "View" that you use for marketing. We create a 2nd view in your account labeled "Odysys" where we do all your filtering. You should have another view called "All Website Data" that you don't filter at all so you can use it as a back up if needed. 

1. Odysys IP Address Filter

This filter removes visits to your website by the Odysys team from your report. If you have a static IP address, you can create another filter like this one to keep your own team's visits to the website out of the statistics as well. Just google "What's my P address?" to find out. But remember, you do have to have a static IP to use this, which does come with most business-grade ISP packages.  

  1. Go to the "Odysys" view in Google Analytics and click "Filters."
  2. Add a filter, such as "Odysys IP Address." 
  3. Select: "Predefined."
  4. Make the following selections: "Exclude," "Traffic from the IP Address," and "That are Equal too." 
  5. Paste in this IP Address
  6. Save it 

If you have a static IP address at your business, you can repeat these steps to remove the visits of anyone using your internet connection from your reporting/ 

2. Hostname Includes Filter-or "Ghost Spam" 

This will help remove "spam" referring sites from the reporting. These sites really mess up your numbers with traffic that isn't actually real. This continues to be a huge problem for Google Analytics. 

  1. Go to the Odysys view in Analytics and click "filters."
  2. Add a filter, such as "Ghost Spam."
  3. Select Custom. 
  4. Select "Include."
  5. Choose "Hostname" from the drop down menu.
  6. For the Filter Pattern, copy and paste without spaces: yourdomain\.com|bookingenginedomain\.com . Sometimes you need to change ".com" to ".net" depending on which type of top level domain your website or booking engine is using.  If you have other domains that you are going to add your Google Anayltics code to, simply repeat the pattern by adding another "|3rddomainname\.com. 
  7. Save it. 

Create Your Goals

How to set up 2 standard conversion goals for your website.

Newsletter Subscribers

This conversion goal only works for the built-in Odysys email subscriber form.

  1. Go to the Odysys view in Analytics and click "goals"
  2. Create a new custom goal
  3. Name it "Subscribe to email newsletter"
  4. Type: Destination
  5. Equals to /sign-up-confirmation
  6. Save it

Contact Form Submissions

This goal is reached whenever someone submits the contact form on your Odysys website.

  1. Go to the Odysys view in Analytics and click "goals"
  2. Create a new custom goal
  3. Name it "Contact Form Submitted"
  4. Type: Destination
  5. Click the drop down to change to "Regular Expression" (contact\/sent)
  6. Save

Enable Ecommerce Settings

This allows Google to incorporate information about revenue, taxes, rooms etc into your analytics so you can see how much direct booking revenue a particular source of traffic generates. The Odysys booking engine supplies this information automatically. 

  1. Navigate to "Ecommerce Settings"
  2. Enable ecommerce
  3. Submit

Exclude Bots & Spiders

Update the Referral Exclusion List

This helps to keep the data clean in Analytics. You want to exclude the website domain, booking engine domain, and if necessary, any other domains that the analytics script is added to. 

This option is located under the "Property" menu

Set the referral exclusions

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