If you would like to make a reservation tax exempt, you can use our new Tax Exempt feature. 

Watch this video to learn more:

  1. Go to Mission Control and click Reservations. 

2. From the Reservations drop-down menu, select Front Desk. 

3. Click on the Bookings tab and select the reservation you would like to make tax exempt. 

4. The Reservation Details will appear.  Scroll down to the bottom of the Reservations Details page.

5. Click which Tax Exemption type you would like to apply, Lodging Tax or Sales Tax or both. All taxes of the selected type(s) are removed from the booking.

6. You can also fill out the Exemptions Info field if you would like to leave a reason as to why the reservation is tax exempt. This is solely administrative information and will only visible to you.

7. You can then see the new adjusted total in the Reservation Total tab. View your Reservation Statement to confirm the new total. 

8. Click Save. 

A guest cannot make a tax-exempt booking themselves. A reservation can only be made tax-exempt by editing it via the Odysys Front Desk. Once the exemption is made - you can resend the confirmation email and/or a statement.

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