It is easy to set up and manage your taxes and fees using Odysys. The Odysys system allows you to apply two types of taxes to your reservations: Lodging Tax and Sales Tax. You can also add additional fees for things like Pets, Extras Guests, and more.

Lodging Taxes are automatically applied to a reservation when a guest books a room. Sales Taxes only apply to Extras or other hard goods that you have specifically designated you want a Sales Tax applied too. 

Watch this tutorial video to learn more: 

Open the video in another window and jump to:
Apply Pet Fees (3:30)
Apply Extra Guest Fees (3:58)

Select Pricing from the Reservations drop-down menu.

Click on the Taxes and Fees tab at the top of the page. 

Lodging Tax and Sales Tax will automatically appear in the Taxes section. You can add a new tax by clicking the pink Add Tax button and then filling out the following fields:

-Name: The name o the tax. You can call it whatever you want.

-Rate: The rate you would like to apply to the tax. For example, 8%.

-The Type: Either Lodging or Sales.

-Effective Start and End Date: If you would like a new tax rate to apply on a specific date, you can fill out the Effective Start and End Date fields. If not, leave the field blank.
**Note on setting start/end dates for taxes. Taxes will be applied to the reservation according to its checkout date. 

You can also add fees for things like Pets, City Taxes, Extra Guests, Children, and more. 

Scroll down to the Fees section and fill out the following fields: 

-Name: The name of the fee. For example: Pet.

-The Amount: The cost of the fee. For example: $50.00

-Per, Per: For example: Per pet, per night.

-Apply Tax: If you would like a tax to apply, select a tax. It will then apply a tax from the Taxes section above. 

You can add additional fees by clicking Add Another Fee+ and then filling out the fields the same way. 

Click Save. 

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