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Facebook Advertising Odysys offers Facebook advertising services to customers. Robert Frost


Would you like to advertise to potential guests who like inns, live in your target market, and have an anniversary coming up? That's just an example of what Facebook Ads can do. We set everything up, create your ads, and manage your account.

Setup: $199
Monthly Management: $149 (6 month minimum commitment) + Advertising Budget ($150 to $999*)

* For ad budgets of $1,000+, we will provide a custom management quote.


Who is it for?

Want to increase loyalty for previous guests and fans of your Facebook page? Or help potential guests discover your property as they enter the travel planning stages? In terms of driving bookings - social ads play a roll at the awareness & discovery phase of the journey. You can see Facebook advertising as a method that "assists" people in making a booking with you and gets them moving in your direction early on.

How does it work?

Facebook advertising represents an opportunity to reach an extremely targeted audience based on their activity and demographics. The goals of your campaign can vary, but Facebook ads are typically seen as an "awareness" and "loyalty" strategy where the goal is to find the right people, capture their attention, and get results. We can target ads for your property to people based on how they engaged and when they engaged on Facebook and Instagram. Here is an example audience:

How much do I need to spend on advertising budget?

Most customers typically start out with a monthly budget of $100, but our team will make a recommendation for a starting budget. We will also recommend increases or decreases in budget over time that will improve performance.

What can I expect?

When you sign up, Odysys will have a brief onboarding discussion with you to go over the process, get access, and confirm details with respect to budget, targeting, ad copy, ad images, etc and then we will create your campaign.

We will also update your analytics and conversion tracking or, if you're using a 3rd party booking engine we will walk you through any needed steps. 

Once the campaign is live, we will then provide regular reporting, make occasional budget recommendations based on performance, and be available for phone calls as needed.

Can I tell if this Facebook advertising campaign is driving bookings?
Yes, absolutely. But this may not be the appropriate goal. Facebook advertising isn't what we call a "direct response" tactic. Facebook ads play an "assist" or "first interaction" role in driving bookings. We will discuss the appropriate objectives for your campaign with you.

How do I get started?

Just let us know you'd like to get started via chat or emailing support@odysys.com

What if I want/need to cancel?

Just notify us and we will wind your campaign down after your 6 month minimum term has been reached.

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