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Give Odysys Access to Your Google Analytics Account

Give Odysys Access to Your Google Analytics Account Before we launch your Odysys website - give Odysys access to your Google Analytics account so we can prepare it to track your data correctly Ben Lloyd

The process for adding Odysys to your Google Analytics account is pretty easy... BUT, we do see that people run into problems pretty frequently because of complications with Google Accounts. See "troubleshooting" below.

IF you do not have a Google Analytics account already - ask Odysys to set one up for you. Talk to your onboarding specialist or email support@odysys.com or use the chat.

IF you already have a Google Analytics account.

  1. Login to https://analytics.google.com/

  2. Click "Admin"

  3. and then "User Management" under the "Account" column

4. Then click the "+" in the upper right hand corner to add a user. 

NOTE: If you do NOT have the option to add a user, it is because you do not have "Manage Users" permissions. Either sign in to the correct account (see "troubleshooting tips" below) or ask the person who created the Google Analytics account to give you permissions to "Manage Users"

5. Now add the Odysys email address we have supplied to you, select "edit" and then click "Add". (NOTE IT WILL NOT BE odysys.ga4@gmail.com as pictured below)


Make Sure You're Signed In to the Correct Google Account
Make sure you are signed-in to the correct Google Account. Google Analytics access is given on an account by account basis. Many times - people do not realize they have multiple Google Accounts. 

To see which account you're logged into - click on the little icon in the top right hand corner of the page in Google Analytics

Select the correct account.

If you don't see the correct account,  click "add account"

And then if you STILL don't see the correct account, click "Use another account" and sign into the correct Google Account.

Don't Have the "Manage Users" access to your Google Analytics Account?

Did you create the google analytics account and are an administrator but you do not remember which google account you used? Contact your account manager and we'll have to follow the process outlined below.


See this help article/process: https://support.google.com/analytics/troubleshooter/7264014?hl=en&authuser=3&ref_topic=7505632#ts=7271146  

(note - to prove site ownership you will use the meta tag option. You will add this meta tag to Site Builder > Tracking Code Manager > home page should suffice. Add a new code.) 

Example meta tag: <meta name="analytics.txt" content="GooGhywoiu9839t543j0s7543uw1 - pls add {agoogleaccountemailaddressyouhaveaccessto} to GA account {Insert UA-ID} with ‘Manage Users and Edit’ permissions - date {Insert Date}.">

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