How do I add a pop-up/popover to my website?

How do I add a pop-up/popover to my website? Want to put a pop up on your website for that special offer or to promote your newsletter? Ben Lloyd

Creating a Pop-Up for a Promotion

To add a pop-up to your website, you'll create it using a 3rd party tool and then send our team the code and instructions.
We recommend 

Creating a Pop-Up to Promote Your Email Newsletter

Your email newsletter platform likely has this capability. See below for mailchimp and constant contact instructions. If you're using a different email newsletter platform, check with their support. You simply create the form and send us the code to install.

Note: If we're doing your email newsletter marketing for you - we'll setup the pop-up for you.

If you are managing your email newsletter yourself, here's our advice for creating the pop-up in your email platform. 

We don't recommend showing your pop-up form to visitors immediately after they arrive. We recommend setting up your pop-up form so that it triggers "on exit" or after the visitor has demonstrated a little bit of engagement with your content. Pop up forms can be set to show after a certain session length or scroll depth. (see your provider's documentation). 

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