Page Edits: Edit or Change Pictures & Images

How to Edit or Change Pictures & Images Wondering how to add or delete or change your pictures on your website? Here's your guide. Ben Lloyd

Are you logged in to your website? Alright! Let's go:

If you're looking to make changes to your Header images, click here:

If you're looking to change images throughout the rest of the page, keep reading!

1.) To make changes, it depends where the image is on the page.

  • For box backgrounds, locate the "blue arrow" - click to see menu.

To change the image, select the half-filled square icon. Select the "x" in the top-right corner to replace the image by uploading or from your media gallery.

  • For stand-alone images, click the image directly. Blue dots will appear around the image, this can resize the image. To change the image, select the small icon that looks like a little mountain in the icon menu.

You can add images by clicking the cloud button and directly uploading from your computer, or select images you have already uploaded into your gallery.

Once uploaded, always remember... 😃

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