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How to Get your Google Reviews URL

How to Get your Google Reviews URL Want to have guests leave you a review in Google? Here's how to get the URL Ben Lloyd

How to Get the URL to Send to Guests for Google Reviews

It can be difficult to explain to a guest how to leave a review for your business on Google. Send them a link directly to where they can leave a Google review for your property instead!

Recently - Google added "shortnames" to Google Business and they make it very easy to get a review URL. More info: 

Better & Easier Review URLs

The number one benefit to Google “short names” is that it is now MUCH easier for hotels to make a review URL and share it via printed materials etc. This is much cleaner than the previous methods for creating a review URL for your post-stay email. Once it is set up – your new short name review URL would look something like this: http://g.page/pineridgeinn/review/
Much better!

How to Set Up Your Google Short Name & Get Your Review URL

1.) Login to your Google My Business account at https://business.google.com/
2.) You’ll see a message like this on your “Home” screen in Google business. (Alternatively, navigate to the “info” page and edit the short name there.)
3.) Click the “+” and create your short name

Your New URL for Google Reviews

Now comes the tricky part - Google has removed the "get more reviews" screen shown below, so here's what you do to create your new URL.

  1. Copy this link and replace "yourshortnamehere" with your shortname: https://g.page/yourshortnamehere/review

  2. Example: https://g.page/odysys/review

  3. Add your modified link to your post-stay email to ask your customers to leave you a review on Google. 


Once created – you can refer people to your business location with a g.page url: https://g.page/yourshortnamehere/ – example: https://g.page/odysys/

Or when you go to Google Maps and share your property location, you’ll see Google is using the new short name in the URL

Tips for Choosing Your Short Name

  • Google will actually suggest a short name for you, so I’d just use that unless you prefer a different one.

  • Just make it easy and short

  • Do it now before another property with the same name steals your short name! (I’m looking at you everyone with “main street” or “blackberry” in your property name)

  • There is no SEO benefit to the short name. This is purely for usability – so keep it short and don’t stuff keywords into it

  • If you don’t create a short name is there any drawback? No.

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