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Identify Your Ideal Guests, Create Marketing Personas

Identify Your Ideal Guests, Create Marketing Personas Rapid Start - Foundation: Defining exactly who your ideal guest is makes it much easier to create great marketing. Ben Lloyd

Why is Creating Marketing Personas Important? 

To create marketing that generates bookings, it's got to resonate with your ideal guests. If your website isn't speaking to your audience, it's hard to turn that visit into a booking.

How to Create Marketing Personas

This is a list of self-descriptions form a PhocusWright study of B&B & hotel guests. This list can be helpful in creating personas. 

While many of your guests probably share these traits, you can probably identify 2 or 3 that stand out as definite segments of guests who stay with you.
For example - if your place is in the city, then all your guests are probably 'city explorers', but i'll bet you have sub-sets of guests:

  • City explorers who are nightlife fans & foodies. Perhaps these are couples who came to town to check out the restaurants and coffee shops and bars and yeah, they'll take in some sights etc but that is secondary to them.

  • City explorers who are shoppers and rejuvenators. Perhaps this is a solo female or a couple of girls having a girls getaway weekend that want to hit the shops and take in a spa day. Yep they probably want to check out some cool coffee shops and restaurants too.

  • City explorers who are art, culture & theater buffs. Perhaps this is an older couple who is interested in a little quiet time and taking in a play and a museum or two. They may enjoy a nice restaurant but you'd never send them to the new loud hipster restaurant like you would the foodie & nightlife fan.

As you can see, these guests are interested in different things but your place is still a perfect fit for them. They'll respond to different messages, different photography, different specials or amenities or packages or content.

If you do a good job of defining your target audience, you can then do a better job of marketing to them. Your personas should play a role in all your marketing throughout the roadmap. Create personas, print them out, put them up on the wall of your office. Keep them up to date and update your marketing accordingly.

Next steps

  • Create 2-3 ideal guest personas

  • You can download our persona template, or turn to Google and find one you like better. There are tons of free templates, guides and resources for creating personas.

  • Once created - take a hard look at your website home page. Have you given each of these personas a little section/feature/callout on your home page and a path to follow? Does your photography, things to do content and specials/packages resonate with these ideal guests?

Extra Credit

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