Is My Odysys Site ADA Compliant?

Odysys makes a reasonable effort to have your website meet ADA compliance & accessibility criteria from a technical standpoint.



  • Making an effort to have a site that meets ADA compliance & accessibility is the responsibility of innkeepers no matter the size of your property.

  • Odysys has made all website templates meet technical 'accessibility' specifications, but changes, customization and/or design choices made to the default page layouts or templates may be reducing your score

  • Innkeepers desiring an optimal accessibility score are responsible for following the recommendations below 

  • Your website's technical "accessibility" score does not necessarily mean that your website is ADA compliant... but it may make you less of a target for predatory lawsuits.

  • Odysys recommends that your website and booking engine room descriptions state whether they are ADA accessible or not

There is no hard and fast criteria for what makes a website ADA compliant. There are technical tools like one in your Google Chrome browser that can run a technical "Accessibility" scan of a web page, but passing this test does not guarantee ADA compliance.

Odysys Efforts & Responsibility

Odysys has made an effort to have every website template meet Google's technical "Accessibility" criteria out of the gate. This means a "green" accessibility score of 90+ out of 100. 

HOWEVER, your website's score may be lower than this due to a few reasons which may be out of the control of Odysys or you.



Odysys recommends adding an "accessibility statement" to your website. This will not show up on the accessibility test.

The purpose of this accessibility statement is to explain that you've made an effort to meet website accessibility standards, that you recognize it may not meet all ADA accessibility standards, and that you're making an effort to comply.

For how to write your statement and what to include, you have a few options:

  • Contact your legal counsel
  • Use a website accessibility statement generator like this one:
  • If you're a member of - they have examples of accessibility statements you can use as a template
How to Add an Accessibility Statement?

A simple way to do this is to add it to the the built-in "privacy statement" or "terms & conditions" page on your website. If your website already has this page, use Odysys Site Builder to edit the page and update the name.

Make Sure Your Room Descriptions State Whether They Are ADA/Wheelchair Accessible

Several innkeepers have reported that their letter/suit actually had nothing to do with their website's technical accessibility.

Here's a quote from an innkeeper as shared in our Accessibility Webinar on Demand:
"The threatening letter we received as have others in our Facebook B&B group actually is claiming we fail Sec 36.302 (e)(1)(ii) which is: "Identify and describe accessible features in the hotels and guest rooms offered through its reservations service in enough detail to reasonably permit individuals with disabilities to assess independently whether a given hotel or guest room meets his or her accessibility needs;"

The resolution for this is pretty simple. Prevent a threatening letter by updating the room descriptions on your website and booking engine with their accessibility features (or lack thereof).


ISSUE: "<frame> or <iframe> elements do not have a title"

  • This error/issue is because of an embed you have used on the page for YouTube or a weather widget or some other widget or video added to the page.

  • This is an issue because impaired website visitors use screen readers and "Screen reader users rely on frame titles to describe the contents of frames." (in other words - without a title, an impaired visitor won't know what the content is)

How to resolve?

  • Go to the source of your embed and get a new embed code with a Title element in it. Contact support to where you got the embed for help.

  • Alternatively, update the embed code with a frame title. 

  • Remove the embed or have it removed by Odysys support

  • Odysys cannot 'fix' this for you. 3rd party content (embeds) added at the request of the customer are the responsibility of the customer.

ISSUE: Links do not have a discernible name

ISSUE: Image elements do not have [alt] attributes

  • These errors/issues are typically both due to images not having "alt text". 

How to resolve?

  • Add alt text to all your images in site builder. 

  • TIP: Your descriptions don't need to be more than a couple words... but they should be unique.
    So, on your queen rooms page, Image 1 might be "queen room image 1" and image 2 might be "queen room image 2" (you can be more creative than that, but you get the point.)

  • FYI: There can be a slight SEO benefit to this exercise as well.

Known Issues

ISSUE: [id] attributes on the page are not unique

This is a known issue. Odysys is working to resolve it. There is nothing you can do to address this.

ISSUE: Lists do not contain only <li> elements and script supporting elements (<script> and <template>)

This is a known issue. Odysys is working to resolve it. There is nothing you can do to address this.

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