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Marketing Tips for Your Post-Stay Email

Marketing Tips for Your Post-Stay Email Optimize your post-stay email that you send to your guests. Incentivize future direct bookings with a promo code and get more reviews. Ben Lloyd

Your post-stay email is an opportunity to

  • Encourage repeat direct bookings

  • Get more 5-star reviews in Google or TripAdvisor which makes your property more visible

Here are our suggestions and examples.

Encourage Repeat/Future Direct Bookings

  1. Create a promotion code in your booking engine for 10% off or $25 discount or some other discount. The code might be "REPEATGUEST" or "RETURNGUEST" for example.
    Want to know how to create a return guest promo code? Click here.

  2. Put the code in your post-stay email (good for any future booking made on our website); 

  3. BONUS: Add it as a special/promotion/extra to your website as a "loyalty program" or "repeat guest discount" (don't post the code there obviously)

  4. BONUS: Promote your discount/loyalty program on your home page or specials page as a reason to book direct 

Here's an example of #3 above

Get More 5-Star Reviews on TripAdvisor and Google

Reviews are key to your Google rankings and visibility in Google map results and TripAdvisor lists. Use your post-stay email to get more reviews.

  • Head off a negative review by taking the feedback "offline" with language like this: "If you had anything less than a 5-star stay, please contact me directly at (email) or (phone). I will work directly with you to fix or resolve the issue"

  • Give links directly to where the guest can leave a review.
    Here's how to get your link for Google: http://support.odysys.com/marketing/how-to-get-your-google-reviews-url
    Here's how to get a BETTER link for TripAdvisor (don't just link to your TripAdvisor page): 


Here's a couple examples I like that check all the boxes

  • WELL FORMATTED: Use bold & bullets!

  • Leads off with a loyalty/repeat guest discount

  • Follows up with a request for a review

  • Heading off a negative review and includes clickable links (btw - don't bother with Yelp if your place is just accommodations)

  • And offers the opportunity to take it offline

(For the sake of privacy I blacked out everything that would tip you off to the property/owners)

Here's another example.

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