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Marketing Tips for Your Pre-Stay Email

Marketing Tips for Your Pre-Stay Email Optimize your pre-stay email that you send to your guests for additional revenue by promoting add-ons, extras, packages and upsells. Ben Lloyd

The pre-stay email is your opportunity to upsell the guests you’ve already booked and get more revenue from them. 

Use Your Pre-Stay Email to Upsell Your Guests

In a recent survey of innkeepers, only 28% of are using pre-stay emails to upsell to your guests. We think this number should be 100%! Pre-stay emails are an easy and underutilized opportunity to encourage your guests to add a little something extra to their upcoming stay. Another bonus: In some instances, pre-stay emails may go to your OTA customers as well. 

Use your PMS/Booking Engine to send a pre-stay email to your guests. In that email, feel free to talk about general policies and check-in/check-out times, but also use it as an opportunity upsell to your guests. For example, you might write something like this:

Example Pre-Stay Email
Note the use of formatting, bullets, white space and headlines

Additional Tips from Your Fellow Innkeepers:

Here are some quotes from other innkeepers that we collected when surveying about special offers & extras:

  • "Keep the offers simple and easy for the guest to receive/redeem."

  • "Packages sell especially well when offered in emails after purchase of room."(This is exactly what the help article is about!)

  • "Guests are looking for experiences and deals. Package them and sell them."

And a few more pieces of advice

  • If you need to, take some time to create add-ons & extras. It is worth the effort - once they’re created, this pre-stay email will continue working in the background to generate more revenue for your property without having to find more guests and get more heads in beds!

  • Hear one innkeeper explain how exactly she partners with other local businesses and even other inns around her state to create packages for her guests: (there's audio towards the end of the article) https://www.odysys.com/blog/make-extra-money-by-selling-experience-packages/

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