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Odysys Academy: Extras, Packages & Upsells

Odysys Academy: Extras, Packages & Upsells Rapid Start - Transactional Marketing: Are you leaving money on the table? Increase revenue per booking with extras, packages & upsells. Ben Lloyd

Why are Extras, Packages & Upsells So Important?

Perhaps you remember this quote from our "guest emails" Odysys Academy lesson?:

“The easiest person to sell something to is the person you already sold something to.” -Said someone.

Add-ons/extras/packages/upsells - whatever you want to call them - can play a vitally important role in meeting your revenue goals and improving guest satisfaction. And they don't have to be hard or complex to execute. 

Review, Improve & Update Your Extras

When we surveyed nearly 100 innkeepers, we found that about 28% do not offer any extras to their guests. Why? Would you believe that over half of those had never even thought about it? So - if that's you, this it the time to think about it. We do know this. 100% of those who do not offer extras are leaving money on the table!

What to Offer?

By far the most popular thing to do is put together a romance add-on of some sort. However, the biggest piece of advice from our survey was to build your offers/extras around your ideal guest types. So don't stop at the romance add-on!

Opportunity: Create or Update Your Extras, Packages & Upsells

  • Read/Listen: Survey Results: Special Offers & Packages
    This covers everything from what to offer your guest to ideas for extras & specials and even how to market them. Hint: Market them on your website, in your pre-stay email and on your booking engine.

  • Read/Listen: Make Extra Money by Selling Experience Packages
    If there's anything we've learned from AirBnB, it's that today's traveler wants experiences. This goes into more detail about experiences & packages specifically and working with other businesses in your destination. 

  • Review your approach to extras, packages & upsells: Now that you're updated, think about your approach. Are there any packages or extras that you could add, update, adjust or even remove (see "caution" below) to better serve your goals?

How to Market Your Extras, Packages & Upsells?

See "How to Market Your Specials" here (about halfway down the page): https://www.odysys.com/blog/survey-results-special-offers-packages/

  • On your website: Do you have a page dedicated to your extras? Is your contact information easily accessible from that page so your guests/potential guests can contact you with questions or to add them to their reservation?

  • In your pre-stay email: Not every guest will add an extra to their reservation at the time of booking. However, as their trip approaches they are likely pretty receptive to ideas for making their stay even more special. Be sure to use your pre-stay email to make it easy for your guests to add an extra. See "Odysys Academy: Guest Emails" for tips.

  • On your booking engine: Does your booking engine make extras easily available to add to a reservation? 
    Recommended: Webinar on Demand that walks through packages & upsellable strategies to maximize your bottom line. https://www.thinkreservations.com/resources/webinars/maximize-bottom-line

  • Do you have great pictures? Great photography goes a long way towards selling your extras and add-ons.

  • CAUTION! Having TOO MANY extras or add-ons in the booking process can hinder your conversion rate. How many is too many? The only answer to this is "it depends." It depends on how your booking engine works and how intrusive or confusing add-ons are. It depends on your guests and what they're interested in. Ask your booking engine company for advice and/or test yourself by checking your conversion rate in Google Analytics for guests visiting your booking engine before/after the change. Also monitor and adjust your extras based on how often they are purchased. That 'shelf space' in your booking engine is extremely important and valuable. Don't use up that shelf space on extras that don't get booked.

Done? Congrats! You’re one step further down the roadmap towards more revenue and a commission-free future.

Extra Credit

Want to learn a little more about the subject? Here's a couple recommended resources. We'll touch on these in other steps of the Odysys Academy.

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