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Odysys Academy: Google Business Listing - Your Key to Success

Odysys Academy: Google Business Listing - Your Key to Success Rapid Start - Relationship Marketing: Everything you need to optimize your property's Google My Business listing, key to success in Google. Ben Lloyd

Why is Your Google Business Listing so Important?

There’s a reason we’re choosing to start with your Google Business listing. Outside of your website and your guest’s email addresses, your business listing in Google plays a major role in your property’s success online.

Many of your guests start their journey to booking accommodations on Google. Even if they start via OTAs, Google hotel search still plays a very important role in their booking process.  In order to get found and get direct bookings - your Google Business Listing needs to be optimized.

How to Optimize Your Google Business Listing

Login to Google My Business: https://business.google.com/

Getting optimal visibility for your Google Business Listing requires the following parts:

  1. Optimize your property’s information in Google My Business and keeping it up to date

    Follow this step-by-step guide to optimizing your business listing in Google: https://support.odysys.com/en/articles/658888-optimize-your-google-mybusiness-listing

  2. Optimize your property’s Name, Address, Phone (NAP) by having it listed consistently on 3rd party sites where Google would expect to see it.

    See this explanation and learn about our Local Search Marketing service: https://support.odysys.com/en/articles/679677-local-business-listings-service

    NOTE: As a part of your Odysys subscription, you may already be enrolled in our “Local Search Marketing” program. (sometimes we call it our “local business listings service”). If so - you can skip this step - we’re taking care of it for you.

Complete steps 1 & 2 above to finish this step in the Odysys Academy.
Done? Congrats! You’re one step closer to more direct bookings.

Extra Credit

Want to learn a little more about the subject? Here's a couple recommended resources. We'll touch on some of these in other installations of the Odysys Academy.:

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