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Odysys Academy: Guest Emails

Odysys Academy: Guest Emails Rapid Start - Foundation & Relationship Marketing: Don't Miss Easy Opportunities to Generate More Revenue with Your Automatic Guest Emails. Ben Lloyd

Why Are Guest Emails so Important

“The easiest person to sell something to is the person you already sold something to.” -Said someone.

Those automatic emails that you send to guests confirming their reservation, before they arrive and after they’ve stayed with you are often overlooked opportunities. These emails are extremely effective and nearly always opened by your guests. You’ve got their attention, use this to your advantage!

Review and Improve Your Guest Emails

Chances are, it has been a while since you’ve actually looked at the emails you are sending to guests after they make a reservation. Put a critical eye towards upselling add-ons, extras or packages; and asking for reviews on Google, which is critical to getting your property found in Google hotel search.

Opportunity: Pre-Stay Email

This is the email a guest gets before their arrival. The pre-stay email is your opportunity to upsell packages and amenities to the guests that have already booked with you and get more revenue from them.  

Opportunity: Post-Stay Email

This is the email that guests get after check out. There are two opportunities with your post stay email which are important to your bottom line:

  1. Encourage repeat direct bookings

  2. Get more 5-star reviews in Google and TripAdvisor which makes your property more competitive

Review and update your Pre-Stay and Post-Stay emails to finish this step in the Odysys Academy.
Done? Congrats! You’re one step further down the roadmap towards more revenue and a commission-free future.

Extra Credit

Want to learn a little more about the subject? Here's a couple recommended resources. We'll touch on these in other steps of the Odysys Academy:

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