Odysys Website and General FAQs

Odysys Website and General FAQs Common questions about the Odysys platform.

General FAQ's

Does Odysys Charge Commissions?

No. Zero commissions. We want you to make as many direct bookings as possible.

How much customer support is included?

As much as you need. That includes chat, email, and full access to our support articles and knowledge base.

How does using Odysys increase my direct bookings?

Our sites are built with today's consumers in mind, and our tools have been created to help you drive more direct traffic to your website and make it easy for visitors to book direct.

  • Fully mobile-responsive websites

  • Our designs are built with a focus on calls-to-action and visitor conversion ("Book Now")

  • Our websites are purpose-built for boutique hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts with an eye on excellent user experience

  • Our websites are built on SEO best practices with the tools and guidance you need to help you to improve your search rankings

  • Odysys customers get exclusive access to the Odysys Academy, a step-by-step guide to marketing your business online. Focus on what matters and let us do the rest.

Website FAQ's

Are Odysys websites built on Wordpress?

Yes, all of our new websites are built using Wordpress technology.

Are Odysys websites ADA compliant?

Odysys websites meet ADA compliance & accessibility criteria from a technical standpoint. But there are other considerations. Please see this article for more information.

Can I use Odysys for my website, but a different system for my booking engine?

Yes. Odysys integrates with third-party booking engines.

Can you integrate with my property management system or existing booking engine?

We have various ways of integrating with your existing systems. Just contact us to talk about your needs.

Are Odysys' websites mobile-friendly?

Yes. Every website is responsive, which means it will work on any device or screen size.

Can I collect email addresses for my newsletter, or to send out special offers?

Yes. Every website includes an email subscription module that you can enable or disable.

Is Odysys really that easy? I don't know HTML or how to code or design etc.

Yes, it really is easy to use Odysys. All of our tools are very straightforward and easy to use. We have lots of "drag and drop" and highly visual "what you see is what you get" tools. No technical skills required. PLUS - Odysys designs and creates your website for you and our customer support will help you make changes or just do it for you.

Can I use video on my Odysys website?

Absolutely. Adding video to your website is as simple as copying and pasting.

Do I have to change my domain name?

No. You can use your existing domain name (URL). You will continue to own your domain name and your content.

Will I get better SEO rankings by switching my website to Odysys? 

We're glad you asked! The Odysys platform was conceived and built by SEO industry veterans. All Odysys websites are built to meet SEO best practices. Templates have on-page SEO elements, including page titles and meta descriptions, image alt text, xml sitemaps, and fast mobile-responsive pages. Your site will also have Schema markup. In addition to having websites built on SEO principles, Odysys customers are paired with a "Customer Success Guide" who will help you manage and improve your SEO and other marketing efforts. 

Will I lose my SEO ranking by switching my website to Odysys?

No, we make every effort to maintain or improve your search rankings and bookings from search engines.


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