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Optimize your Google MyBusiness Listing

Optimize your Google MyBusiness Listing Ben Lloyd

The first step to getting placement in Google's map results is claiming & fully optimizing your listing.

  • Login to Google MyBusiness: https://google.com/mybusiness

  • Make sure the property name, address & phone number are exactly as they are on your website. Use your LOCAL phone number as the primary phone number. You can add 800-numbers as secondary numbers.

  • Fill out your categories completely

  • Update your property's attributes (amenities)

  • Add photos of every type requested - put in as many as you can

About Categories

  • Add them to your listing in descending order of priority. In other words - most important first. 

  • Keep adding categories until they stop you or you run out of ideas

  • Represent your business truthfully

Some suggestions for accommodations categories
(you want to add categories in order of priority - most important at the top)

  • Bed & Breakfast

  • start typing "hotel" - if some of those sub-categories apply, pick them (ex: budget hotel, family hotel, luxury hotel, etc)

  • Motel

  • Inn

  • Resort (beach resort, ski resort, spa resort, health resort etc)

  • Guest house (though this is more of a european term)

  • Lodge

  • Indoor lodging

  • Pet Friendly Accommodation

  • Group Accommodation

If you have event space / wedding venue

  • Wedding venue

  • Conference center

  • Event venue - though this appears to be more for regular ticketed events (like concerts etc)

As a gut check - you can go to Google and search for "conference center" and see if the results in the map match your offering.

 Watch the video

Tips to Improve your Business Listing and Increase Your Ranking

Google recommends the following (these tips come directly from a Google Business representative)

"Here's tips to optimize and manage your Google business listing to improve your ranking in Google search.  Login to Google Business: https://business.google.com/  

  • Get reviews: Your business listing allows customers to review your business. This is a great way to both get feedback on how you're doing, as well keep the engagement going with loyal customers, and keep them coming back! Please share a link with your customer/client, so they can review your business. Click here to get your link.

  • Manage and respond to reviews:  Responding to reviews shows that you value your customers and the feedback they leave about your business. High quality, positive reviews from your customers will also help improve your ranking. Learn more about responding to reviews

  • Set up messaging for your business listing: https://www.odysys.com/blog/new-chat-feature-on-google-mybusiness/

  • Create FAQ's for your Google Business Listing: https://www.odysys.com/blog/what-bbs-and-hotels-need-to-know-about-googles-qa-feature/

  • Add photos: A good visual display of photos can be an excellent eye catching experience which'll also attract more customers. By adding your business photos, you can showcase your products and services to people who are looking for what you offer. Here are the steps that you could follow to upload photos on your business page. Add at least a half-dozen photos to every relevant category available.

More Photo Tips from Google

  • Showcase your business with interior photos that give viewers a sense of your business' atmosphere   

  • Feature exterior photos of your business taken at different times of the day to let your customers know what to look for   

  • Plan ahead and make a list of the photos that best represent your business' vibe, atmosphere, and selection or services

  • Post a mix of photos including property overviews, tight shots of design touches, guests enjoying the property, well-lit room photos, etc.

Additional Google Business Listing Optimization Tips

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