Publish or Draft Pages

Publish or Draft Pages How to Publish or Make a Draft Page Meredith Nasholds

Did you know your website pages can be published or in draft form? Learn more by reading below!

Most pages on your website are published (also know as "live") otherwise, how would anyone see them?! However, you can also make them drafts, in order to work on content without the world seeing your edits!

To make a page Published / Draft from the pages menu:

  • Select "Quick Edit" from under the title.

  • Select "Status" and change to either Published or Draft.

To make a page Published / Draft from the the page itself:

  • Select Edit with Brizy - this will open the page.

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page to the blue "Update" button - and select the arrow next to it. Select "Save Draft" or "Publish Page".

Clicking this when making changes will save any edits made to your page! 😃

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