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Track Clicks from Your Google Business Listing

Track Clicks from Your Google Business Listing Add UTM campaign tracking to your URL in your Google MyBusiness Listing to be able to track clicks from your listing in Google. Ben Lloyd

Google Analytics does not break out or differentiate clicks from your map/business listing in Google vs clicks from the regular search results. They just show up as clicks from Google Organic Search in your analytics.

However, with a little work you can track these clicks separately by adding some tracking code to your URL in your Google Business Listing. This will not mess up your Name Address Phone (NAP) consistency.

PLEASE NOTE: This is an 'intermediate' to 'advanced' topic. It is also totally optional. If you aren't comfortable with implementing this, don't do it. It is 'nice to have' not 'need to have'

Step 1 - Create a Tracking URL for your Google Business Listing

This sounds harder than it is. Google Analytics is set up by default for campaign tagging/tracking URLs. By adding a few things to the end of your property's URL in your Google Business Listing, Google Analytics will be able to put them into a specific bucket so you can differentiate your traffic.

A typical example would be to alter your URL you're using in your business listing like this: https://www.YourWebsiteURL.com?utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=gmb

Go here to create tracking code: https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/

You can actually put whatever you want in source, medium and name. This just tells Google Analytics how you want this traffic to appear in their reporting. For the least disruption, we recommend this simple tagging scheme.

  • Campaign Source: google

  • Campaign Medium: organic

  • Campaign Name: gmb

This scheme will continue to categorize these clicks as "google organic" in your Google Analytics reporting, and giving it the campaign name of "gmb" will separate the traffic when you drill down in your reports.

Access this form: https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/
Fill out the required items. Copy the URL.

Step 2 - Add the URL to your Google Business Listing

  1. Login to your business listing at https://business.google.com

  2. Navigate to Info > Website

  3. Paste the tracking URL

Like this

Step 3 - Google Analytics Reporting

Now, every future click from your business listing will be broken out in your analytics reports. (it only works from the date you add it forward)

You can see the clicks by navigating to acquisition reports - the source/medium will be Google Organic still. but if you drill down deeper, you'll see "gmb". You can also navigate to Acquisition > Campaigns and you'll see the "gmb" traffic reported there.

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