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Track Clicks from Your TripAdvisor Business Listing

Track Clicks from Your TripAdvisor Business Listing How to Track Clicks from your TripAdvisor Business Listing Ben Lloyd

TripAdvisor recently added a feature that allows you to measure your Business Listings traffic. You have a few options on how to react. 

  1. Do nothing. The traffic from TripAdvisor does still show up in Analytics but it's "hidden." In other words, it doesn't show that TripAdvisor refered the traffic. It just shows the source as "none." 

  2. Update your TripAdvisor business listing link with a campaign tracking URL. 

Log in to your TripAdvsior account (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Owners) and edit your 'Hotel Website" link on your TripAdvisor listing. 

The information after the question mark in the above link tells Google Analytics where the click came in order to show in your reports that the click came from TripAdvisor. 

So what does this tracking URL actually do? 

All it does is tell Google analytics where the traffic came from when they click from TripAdvisor. You TA traffic will show up in "Campaigns" now instead of "Referrals" in your Google Analytics reports. 

If you have sponsorships or advertisements in other places, it's a good idea to use campaign tracking URLs like this as well. 

How do I make more tracking URLs?

Here's a nice tracking URL builder from Google if you want to create your own tracking URLs: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1033867

When using URL builder to track your traffic from TripAdvisor, try using the following inputs. You can put whatever you like in the fields. All it does is change the labels that Google Analytics uses in reporting. 

  • Campaign Source: TripAdvisor

  • Campaign Medium: BusinessListing

  • Campaign Term: Website*

  • Campaign Content: Website*

  • Campaign Name: Trip Advisor

*These fields are optional. You can leave them blank or in the case of TA, you can indicate the type of link you are building. 

Read this article from TripAdvisor for a bit more information.  If you run into problems, you will need to contact TripAdvisor directly for support. You can also read more here:

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