Track Your Competitors and SEO

Track Your Competitors and SEO How to add competitors and use the Odysys SEO reporting to measure your SEO progress vs competitors. Ben Lloyd

The Odysys "Competitors" reporting makes it easy to track your competitors and compare your SEO performance using the "Domain Authority" metric, which indicates a site's ability to compete for a keyword ranking. It is not possible to get search engine traffic metrics for other websites, so in SEO, we use tools to measure external factors like domain authority.



Step 1: Click to your Odysys settings:

Step 2: Click "Edit Competitors"

Step 3: Add and Save Competitors

NOTE: For best results, only add competitors who have their own domain name (ex:, NOT a hotel or motel with a page on another domain (ex: The tool tracks domain authority - so if you use a domain like Hilton or Motel6, you're going to get the national/corporate metrics, not the metrics for the local property.

Step 4: Navigate to Your SEO Report (Click on "Marketing" then "Search Engine Optimization"

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz, an industry-leading SEO software company, that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. Domain Authority helps you compare one site to another and track the “strength” of your website over time.

You can think about Domain Authority as a measure of your site's ability to rank. For example - if your site and your competitor's site are both perfectly optimized for the same keyword phrase, how does Google decide which one to rank higher? Domain Authority and related metrics is your answer.

That's why Domain Authority is a good measure of your website SEO vs that of your competitors. It puts the focus in the right place. Your Odysys site is well-optimized. Focus on marketing your property through content strategy and content marketing, PR, advertising, etc and and you'll start to see good things happen.

Need to Improve Your Domain Authority?

You will need to focus on website marketing beyond optimizing your existing pages. In other words - building links or mentions FROM other websites, social media posts, blogs, and other 3rd party websites TO your website. Domain Authority will improve as a reflection of your marketing efforts over time.

What to do? Start here: "Odysys Academy: Ongoing SEO for Traffic Growth"

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