What size should my pictures/photos/images be?

Follow these guidelines below for your site to load more efficiently:
  1. For the largest images on the site (hero images) we recommend not going over 1500 pixels wide. Any other area of the website we recommend not going over 1200 pixels wide.

  2. More importantly is the file size of the image. This will allow for quicker loading of the webpage. We recommend trying to get the images under 300KB (150KB is a good target to shoot for). Here are a couple of programs our designers recommend for achieving this with your images: ImageOptim or Imagify

*Some of the information in the below video will still apply to Odysys Prime users.

For Site Builder 1.0 users, do you get an error when trying to upload an image that it is too big (larger than 3 MB)?

Or are you having trouble with the way header images are displaying or room photos are cropping, etc? 

You may need to resize your images.

The ideal image (especially for header images):

  • File type: PNG (JPG is okay but PNG is better)

  • 16:9 aspect ratio (i.e. landscape orientation)

  • 2200 pixels wide

  • 72 pixels/inch

  • File size around 1MB, but up to 2.9MB is OK

Resizing & Cropping Your Images

If it isn't displaying the way you like:

  • You could try using a different photo with a landscape orientation

  • You could also try cropping your image using your image editing program on your computer

Or, if your image file is simply too big, try editing the size down to 2200 pixels wide at 72 pixels/inch

Here's a video on how to resize your images: https://youtu.be/FcucPVvbW0c

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