What to do When Updating or Changing to a New Booking Engine

What to do When Updating or Changing to a New Booking Engine If you're updating your booking engine and need to change links - there's a couple things you should know about and take care of. Ben Lloyd

If Odysys is hosting your website, and you're in the process of changing booking engines, a couple of things need to happen.

First, Get the URL from the booking engine provider directly - they will provide you with an "official" url for your booking engine

Then, email support@odysys.com or use the chat feature in your Odysys account to let us know you're switching booking engines and provide the link to your new booking engine.

Odysys will then complete or help with the following steps:

  1. Updating the buttons/links on your website to your new booking engine.

  2. The Google Analytics "cross domain tracking" script will need to be updated on your website

  3. The Google Analytics on your booking engine will need to be updated as well. Please work with your booking engine provider to complete this step.

  4. Your Google Analytics account will need to be updated: * The hostname filter (if there is one) can be updated or deleted; * Update the referral inclusion list under Google Analytics / Admin / Property settings to include the booking engine domain

Once the steps above have been completed:

  1. Odysys can test and verify the setup using your Google Analytics "real time" reporting to ensure cross-domain tracking is working properly.

  2. When you have received a booking through your website booking engine, you can verify that the ecommerce/transaction data is showing in your Google Analytics (sometimes this takes a few hours to process). If this does not work properly - contact your booking engine provider for help and feel free to loop Odysys support into the process

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